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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, #1) - Stieg Larsson It was really good - but maybe because it's been so successful and too much was public knowledge about Lisbeth that it spoiled it for me a little bit.

The story is-self was a real slow burner, it takes it's time setting everything up. Mikael Blomquist (I can't spell his name), a journalist thats looking at a prison sentence for fraud (relating to an article he wrote about a swedish business man), is asked to undertake a job by Henrik Vanger - the elderly ex CEO of Vanger Enterprises.

On the surface he wants Blomquist to write a family history of the Vanger family (who are all a complete bunch of gits), but what he really wants is for Blomquist to find out who killed Harriet Vanger, who disappeared in 1966 - her body was never found. To do that Blomquist must agree to move out to the remote village the Vanger family live in for one year. For that he will be paid and Henrik will save Blomquists magazine Millenium.

Alongside this you have Lisbeth Salander - an intriguing character, a ward of court, subjected to terrible abuse by the solicitor that is supposed to look out for her interests. She works for a security firm and has an uncanny knack of finding out everyone's secrets - including Blomquists.

These two central characters don't actually come together until halfway through the book, but when they do things start to heat up. They realise that there was a serial killer at work in the 50's and 60's and that Harriet may have become a victim - that killer was probably a member of the Vanger family.

Did I guess who killed Harriet? The penny dropped the page before it was revealed. But the story didn't end there - because Blomquist was obssessed with getting his own back on the businessman that put him in prison. He got his revenge - so did Lisbeth, but in the process lost her heart to Blomquist.

This book could have quite easily been a stand alone - everything was tied up at the end, but the thought that there's still another 2 to read? I want to know what happens next! Just how far off the rails will Lisbeth go?