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The Girl Who Was on Fire: Your Favorite Authors on Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy - Leah Wilson,  Jennifer Lynn Barnes,  Mary Borsellino,  Sarah Rees Brennan,  Terri Clark,  Bree Despain,  Adrienne Kress,  Cara Lockwood,  Elizabeth M. Rees,  Carrie Ryan,  Ned Vizzini,  Lili Wilkinson,  Blythe Woolston,  Sarah Darer Littman This book is a collection of essays by a number of authors on the different themes of the Hunger Games Trilogy.

A lot of the same themes are discussed - reality TV and our apparent hunger for it. How can you tell reality to falsehood etc. How propaganda is used to keep the masses in check. How the games themselves were used to demonstrate the Capitol's power. The damage done to the tributes.

I was so glad that one of the essays was devoted to Cinna. A wonderful character who saw the potential of Katniss and did everything he could to support her and make sure that she made it through (even though he knew he wouldn't ultimately see the Capitol brought down).

A couple of things did disappoint me - not enough focus was given to Peeta, he went through sooooo much - nearly dying, not being able to trust his own memories - but he still managed to find his way back to Katniss.

Also one of the main points of Mockingjay was completely missed. The fact that the Capitol itself was actually an arena. It was rigged with pods, and the assault on the Capitol is really the third games. Why was it rigged? Because Snow knew that at some point the masses would break and rebellion was inevitable