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Heartless  - Gail Carriger It must be very difficult to write a book where the central character spends virtually the whole book pregnant. There's only so much toddling, waddling etc that I could put up with though. Alexia also seemed to be incapable of keeping on her feet. She certainly had a lot to contend with.

Lord and Lady Maccon have to deal with the fact that the Westminster Hive want Alexia dead, because of her unborn baby - the way out of this problem is to agree to let Lord Akeldama adopt the baby - and move into his house secretly (buying the house next door and moving between houses through a makeshift bridge - not easy to do when you're heavily pregnant).

Poor old Biffy isn't taking to life as a werewolf at all, something which greatly upsets both Maccons.

There were several revelations though, that Lyall was once the lover of Alexia's father, that he masterminded appropriating Connall as their Alpha (as he was the only alpha capable of dealing with their insane leader) - after 4 years of planning. That knowledge puts Alexia in a very difficult position and I'm sure that Connall will learn the truth in the final book.

For me, the writing let this one down - it was overly flowery and I didn't care for the cover at all. I loved the covers of the previous 3 books, but didn't feel this one fit the book at all. There wasn't enough Connall in this one either, but it was nice to see his soft side when dealing with Biffy. I was very nearly moved to tears when he wept at his feeling of helplessness. He's never let his pack down in my eyes.