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Embers - Sándor Márai, Carol Brown Janeway A gentle little book. The story of meeting between two old friends, who haven't seen or spoken to each other in 41 years.

Henrik and Konrad were inseparable for over 20 years of their lives, meeting in the military academy at a young age. But there always seemed to be something betwee them. Henrik came from a rich family, Konrad from a poor family - always refusing any offers of financial aid. Konrad was never cut out for a military career - he prefered a solitary life alone with his books and music. Whereas Henrik was much more social.

This book is mainly a one sided conversation, where Henrik tries to understand what happened during their last meeting. A meeting which caused Konrad to suddenly resign his military commission and leave the country and for Henrik never to see or speak to his wife again. Of course Henrik knows what happened he just wants Konrad to say it - or does he?

It is a study of friendship, betrayal and loss. Of trying to put your affairs (poor choice of words maybe) in order so you can go to your grave with an easy mind.

How could your best friend in the world take up with your wife and actually contemplate killing you? When does that friendship - that love turn to such hate?

But I have to admit that I was confused by the ending - did Henriks wife know that Konrad was considering killing Henrik - was it part of a bigger plan?

I didn't particularly like Konrad, but I had a enormous amount of sympathy for Henrik.