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Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead I really enjoyed the first two books in the series, but knew that this book would be difficult to read - which is why I left it for so long.

I knew what was going to happen - even knew (vaguely) how the series was going to end - but I just didn't want to face what was going to happen to Dimitri. I'll admit it - I fell for him in the first book, tall, handsome, with a sexy accent - what's not to like (apart from the long hair - it just doesn't do it for me)?

Rose is having a hard time getting over the death of Mason, but she doesn't have much time to dwell on that - as field experience begins at St Vlads. Her first problem is the fact that she isn't teamed up with Lissa, but Christian. Her next problem is she starts to see ghosts - more specifically - Mason, who seems to be trying to tell her something. This understandably freaks her out, which causes some problems during her testing.

Of course she doesn't want to tell anyone - because they'll all think she's crazy. A short detour is taken while a small group of them are allowed to attend Victors trial at the Royal Court - after Adrian pulls a few strings - then it's back to St Vlads, on the journey back Rose is swamped by ghosts - so she can't hide things any longer.

It also becomes very clear that her link with Lissa is drawing the darkness from Lissa and into Rose - not a good thing, but Rose want's to stop the crazy that Lissa had to deal with previously when using her magic.

Rose becomes convinced of a problem with the Wards protecting the school, because of her sightings of Mason (and she's right - thanks to a group of Royals who form a secret society that want to use compulsion, but using magic so close to the wards causes them to start failig).

Dimitri becomes more and more concerned about her - the feelings build and finally Dimitri and Rose get it on - only to find themselves in the middle of a full on attack by Strigoi on the school.

I did have a bit of a cry (not full on sobbing like when Edward left Bella in New Moon - but it was emotional). I can't imagine Dimitri as Strigoi. Somehow this has to be fixed!!! Fix it now Lissa!!! Rose is your friend - stop being a whiny selfish Bitch and fix it!!!! If Rose can find him of course.

And someone find Adrian a woman - god knows he needs one.