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Let the Right One In - John Ajvide Lindqvist Oskar is a boy that dreams of being a serial killer - in his fantasies he takes revenge on the boys that bully him in school, but in real life he's victim, scared into incontinence. Until one night he meets Eli, the girl next door who only appears at night and lives with her father.

Tommy lives in the same building with his mother - who's dating a police officer. Tommy's into robbing and glue sniffing but he's friends with Oskar, as much as anyone can be.

Then there's the group of drunks that hang out in the local chinese restaurant and their friend who lives with his horde of cats.

Bodies start to appear and a killer is on the loose, who are they? Why do they string their victims up? A ritual of some kind?

Separate stories that come together and blend very well. You wonder how it will all tie up.

But i'm confused, very confused. So many questions and a few inconsistencies. I don't understand what the difference between Hakan and Virginia was. I don't really understand how Eli became whatever Eli was.

There were some extremely nice touches to the vampire genre here. The consequences of entering a building without being invited was extremely well done (but I don't understand why Hakan didn't suffer in the same way in the basement - what was he, a Zombie or a Vampire?). I didn't get Eli sleeping in the blood at the end.

Maybe it was the translation, the writing annoyed me a little - couldn't he finish a sentence for crying out loud?

The ending as well seemed very sudden, I wanted to know more about what happened to Oskar and Eli after the swimming pool. So many damaged characters - it was hard to find one that was likeable, but I did like Eli.