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Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee I'll be honest, to begin with I struggled with this book. But by the end, I didn't want it to end.

This book begins shortly after the end of the world - something brought about by the Angels. Following natural disasters the Angels descended and killed and terrorised those humans that survived - but why?

Penryn is a young girl struggling to look after her wheelchair bound sister and a mother with mental health issues, when she gets caught in the middle of a fight between Angels - one actually having his wings cut off - her sister is then taken by Angels. So what's a girl to do? Help the wounded Angel and hold his wings to ransom until he agrees to take her to her sister.

And so we are introduced to Raffe the wounded Angel.

During the course of the story we come across resistance fighters, demons, even a gratuitious catfight is thrown in. All the time Penryn in driven by finding her sister and inexplicably to protecting Raffe, even though he's arrogant and seems only to be interested in getting his wings back and hopefully sewn back on.

Of course you hope that the two will fall helplessly in love, but it seems unlikely when Raffe recalls the stories of the Daughters of Man and the resulting Nephilim, but you can still hope right? And I have to say that my heart broke for Penryn, after impulsively kissing Raffe (to hide them from other Angels) only to have him say "I don't like you". That hurt almost as much as Edward telling Bella he didn't love her in New Moon. Because he couldn't mean it - could he?

Some of the things depicted were truely horrifying, such as the state of Penryns sister when they did eventually find her and the hybrid Angels that were being bred.

The ending was just as it should be - left me eagerly awaiting the next book.