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Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2) - E.L. James GO GRACE!!!!!!! I don't blame her for getting drunk afterwards.

Sorry, skipping ahead of myself. Taking up the story just 3 days after the end of Fifty Shades of Grey, I was fully prepared for a bumpy ride. I wasn't fully prepared for how this book would grab a hold of me - meaning I finished it in just over 24 hours - which is unheard for me.

The reason was pure and simple - Christian. I must admit that I was sad to see the demise of Scary Fifty, I guess my tolerance for Vanilla is actually quite low - turns out I'm more a Red Room girl (without the pain).

So much was packed into this book - Ana's workplace problems, which will continue into the final book. Christians journey was engrossing though, his complete dispair at loosing Ana and his determination to get her back by any means necessary - the new Christian was sweet and playful, but I wanted more of the dangerous Christian - the phrase "Pus*y Whipped" slipped into my mind a few times. Not that that's a bad thing - but I was happy when Scary Christian re-appeared in the Billiard Room.

There were several times when I could have high fived someone when reading this - but I also had one time when I had to put my Kindle down and walk away - the moment that Christian dropped to his knees and regressed to his submissive state(It reminded me of Z in BDB so much), the feeling that he wasn't good enough but that he would do anything to keep Ana.

The evil Mrs Robinson finally got what was coming to her - thank the sweet lord. Now we have a wedding to look forward to - something has to go wrong doesn't it? Did Leila (the crazy ex-sub) take something out of the safe she shouldn't have - will Christians past life become public knowledge - after the scare with Kate and the e-mail.

Just how crazy is Ana's ex boss?? He tried to kill Christian once, I guess he'll try again.