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Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades, #3) - E.L. James I don't know what's gotten into me. I never read books this quickly and I've finished the whole trilogy in just under a week.... Damn you Christian Grey!!!!

Every girl loves a bad boy don't they? A mad, bad, dangerous to know type, with hidden depths, a secret pain that slowly comes to light - in the hope that you can heal that pain and make him whole again. But through that journey although you gain a lot, you also lose a lot too and I must admit I missed Dominant Christian (even when he re-appears towards the end he's not quite what he used to be). Still extremely overprotective though :)

So after a whirlwind romance (they've known each other for only a couple of months), Ana is now Mrs Grey and Christian seems intent on keeping to his new "vanilla" side, especially after trying out some handcuffs on the honeymoon and seeing the marks they left of his new wife. After the fallout of Christians Birthday at the end of the last book Mrs Robinson is thankfully out of the picture for a large part of the story. But Ana's crazy ex-boss makes a re-appearance (with a rather poor kidnapping plot - but then no-one reads these books for the plot do they).

The standard romance dictionary was made full use of once again - with lots of "savouring", "teasing" and "suckling". Which drove me up the wall, but I stayed with it for Christians sake.

His devestation at times was heartbreaking (on several occasions, especially when he thought Ana was leaving him again after his extremely bad reaction to her news).

All it all it was nicely tied up (no pun intended), it was good to see Christian happy, relaxed. Also interesting to read the "Midnight Sun" rip-off - again continuing the authors Twlight tribute, but I kind of like not knowing what's going through Christians mind - makes him more....