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Dead in the Family - Charlaine Harris After the last book I guess it was right to take a little breather and this book starts very subdued, with Sookie still recovering from her injuries from the Fae War, both mentally and physically.

Strangely Eric doesn't do anything to try and comfort her - he simply doesn't make any comment on the fact that she doesn't seem to be enjoying herself in bed. Which I suppose is his way of comforting her.

Amelia leaves very early on in order to accept her punishment back in New Orleans and Sookie finds herself sharing her home with Claude - because he's lonely now all the Faeries have been sealed off (if you believe that you'll believe anything). It was nice to actually see Claude trying to be human for a change.

The story didn't know which direction to go in, you have Hunter coming to stay (while his Dad went to a funeral), a body being buried on Sookies land, Bill not recovering from his Silver poisioning, Eric's maker coming to visit in order to try and subdue his other son (russian royalty gone bonkers), Sookie wishing several people dead, the Were's possibly being made to register (like the Vamps), the rumblings of anti-were feeling and Sookie's mad great-uncle on the loose. Oh, yeah and she came into shed loads of money from Claudine.

It reminded me of the early Sookie books, where it didn't feel like a lot was happening, but by the end of it the body count was rather high.