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Drink Deep - Chloe Neill You know, these books get better and better. I really quite liked Merit in this one. Of course everyone is still reeling from the ending of the previous book, but you just had to keep thinking that it had to be fixed somehow.

In the midst of their grief Cadogan House finds itself in the grip of the GP, humans protesting and a new Mayor determined the put the vamps in their place while shutting down the Ombuds office. When suddenly the lake and river turns black, then the sky turns blood red and Merits having dreams of Ethan that seem to be prophecies of further catastrophies.

Her best friend is busy studying for her magic exams and her new partner Jonah wants to be more than partners.

Meanwhile the old Mayor seems to be sitting back and watching everything go to hell.

Yes, it was rather obvious who would be behind it all. But thank the good lord - for the return of Darth Sullivan!!!! I rather like his new attitude, I just hope that if they catch up with Mallory he won't turn into her slave..... At least I don't have too long to wait to find out!!.