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Scouting Jasmine - Jennifer Rardin I had hoped that these short stories about Jaz and Vayl would make it to the UK after being posthumously published in the States. Finally my prayers have been answered.

This was a sweet little story, told from Vayls POV, which was a great change from the series as a whole. Their relationship was always a slow burner - but this story makes it incredibly clear that Vayl wanted Jaz, to protect her, to watch her, from the first moment.

Set just five months after Jaz lost Matt and her crew of Helsingers, it's clear that Jaz feels she has nothing to lose, she just has the mission and if she dies in the process it means nothing to her (except if she happens to come across a vamp that took part in the most painful experience of her life - which she does in the course of this mission).

But it means something to Vayl, to see him struggle to remain hidden, because he wants to help her. It's not in his nature to sit back, and he does help, which is good, because otherwise Jaz may not have made it to the end of the mission.

This is a reconaissance mission for Vayl, to see his potential new partner in action and he really enjoys himself. It was great to read, just a shame it wasn't longer.