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Bitten in Two - Jennifer Rardin I've put off reading this book for a long time, because finishing it means that there's only one book left and I don't want this series to end.

Jaz and Vayl have been one of my favourite teams in UF - Jaz, because her sense of humour is just as warped as mine and Vayl because, well, he's a tall dark handsome vampire that loves Jaz with all of his heart.

So, here the team find themselves in Marrakesh - looking for the Rocenz, the tool that will help to rid Jaz of Brudes possession (although she managed to lock him in cupboard in her head he's starting to break out, causing her headaches and nosebleeds). As if that wasn't enough to worry about Vayl seems to think he's living in the 1700's, he also believes that Cole and Jaz are his servants and that Bergman is a teenage girl that he used to be the guardian of - priceless.

Of course he must have been cursed....

Plus Jaz has to contend with a crazy stalker (that likes to be beaten up by her), and his teenage translator.

It can't end well can it - I don't want it to end at all :(