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If I Stay - Gayle Forman My feelings are mixed on this one. It was a very quick read, but it didn't quite grab me.

Mia is 17 years old, she plays the cello and her boyfriend is in a local band that has just been signed to a minor label. She's been for an audition to get into Julliard, life is complicated, but she has a loving family.

Until they go for a car ride on a snowy day and the next thing Mia knows she's staring at the bodies of her parents - and her own body, that's lying in a ditch.

So Mia watches what happens to her own body - never seeing what becomes of her younger brother (which is probably a blessing) and as the day progresses she looks back at scenes from her life. How having children changed her parents, how having a boyfriend changed her, how she gained a best friend and how the future would change them all.

And ultimately she has to face the decision - should she go with her family or stay with the family she has left.

This didn't quite connect with me. I will admit though that one passage with her Gramps (when he told Mia it would be OK with him if she left, that he'd understand), did bring tears to my eyes. Considering the book is set over 24 hours - Mia is still in shock, she hasn't really accepted what's happened to her family - that's the story that I would want to read - how she deals with her grief - maybe that's what the followup will look at.