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Succubus Shadows  - Richelle Mead I'm ready for this series to be over. I still can't understand how I can LOVE Vampire Academy and have such a bad reaction to Georgina.

The only reason I keep reading this series is to make sure that Seth gets a good outcome. And Roman. Georgina mainly just gets on my nerves, stop the whining for gods sake and get on with it.

So, Georgina starts this one off depressed (again), watching Maddie and Seth plan their wedding. She's moved into a condo with Roman and starts sleepwalking apparently. A visiting succubus causes some problems and the Georgina disappears - into a dreamland, where she's shown dreams that are memories, what's happening home without her and possible lies. We do see more of her past, the neverending circle of her life and that of her tragically doomed lovers becomes clearer. She ends up not knowing what is real and what isn't.

Of course Seth comes to save her, Erik dies, but not before putting out the theory that there are 2 contracts out there that she needs to track down. Seth calls off the engagement and they finally have sex again.

Is Seth the re-incarnation of her original Greek husband? OFF COURSE HE BLOODY WELL IS.

I'll finish this ruddy series even if it bloody well kills me.