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Biting Cold - Chloe Neill A wonderfully quick read. So good to have Ethan back and he's a different man now. Still sexy and sarcastic.

So the road to Nebraska isn't an easy one to travel, especially when you have a dark magic crazed sorceress and an ex-mayor full of old magic on your trail. There were a couple of new characters, Paige the Orders Archivist (who took a shine to the librarian) and we met some gnomes.

It was good to finally find out what Seth Tate was (and I hope we do see more of him in future books). It was a very fine juggling act with this book, you have Mallory trying to recover from her Dark Magic addiction. Ethan trying to deal with the fact that Mallory was in his head (and subsequently pushing Merit away - again, but not for long). The GP on the verge of kicking Cadogan house out. Seth Tate tearing up the city (or was it?). The new Mayor still intent on making Supes register (and more supes coming out of the closet). The Shifters trying to keep everything balanced, the Fae actually trying to help for a change. The Order being completely bloody useless. Not much happening on the RG front though.

I devoured this book for one reason - Ethan. The future looks very interesting for Cadogan House.