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Grimspace - Ann Aguirre This was more of a 3.5 to a 4 out of 5.

There was so much packed into just over 300 pages, made my head spin slightly.

Sirantha Jax is the only survivor of a space ship crash that killed over 80 people. Held in a mental facility by her employers (the Corp), subjected to dream therapy, she can't remember what happened, but she knows she's being blamed for the crash - or being encouraged to take the blame.

Jax is a jumper - which is to say that she can navigate ships through grimspace, she can find the beacons on the star road, that allows quicker space travel. Jumpers are paired with pilots, they tell the pilots which direction they need to go. Because of the intense relationship between jumpers and pilots they tend to end up in bed together - so Jax just lost her partner in more ways than one. Oh and jumpers only have so many jumps in them (which is a bad thing, because jumping is extremely addictive) - they burnout and can die during a jump.

She knows there was something wrong with the crash, but she just can't figure out what it is. Before she can dwell on that too much, she's rescued by the mysterious March and his band of fellow misfits and the fun just goes from there. You have blood thirsty giant moths, orphan alien babies, a couple of genetic projects, flesh eating heavies, arm replacements, explosions, space ship chases, conspiracy theories, a bounty hunter with a hero complex, and a very damaged but incredibly sexy pilot, it just doesn't stop.

I love characters that have a slightly sarcastic sense of humour (a la Jaz Parks) and Jax has that, there just wasn't enough of it to warrant a higher rating. Great idea though and one that I will carry on with. I think this book does suffer from a lot of world building (I must admit I'm still a little hazy on how traversing grimspace works). Maybe the second book will calm things down a bit.