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Two for the Dough - Janet Evanovich Bring in Kenny Mancuso - crazy, scary, Kenny Mancuso - the man who feels no pain. Can't be that hard can it? He's Joe Morelli's cousin - of course it won't be easy.

But again, Stephanie needs the money, so Mancuso's going down, just a damn shame she can't shake off Morelli. And he's the real enigma of the book, does he really care about Stephanie, or is he just trying to keep her where he can keep an eye on her? But I'm skipping ahead of myself.

So Kenny Mancuso skipped bail after shooting his best friend in the knee - a friend who later turns up dead. He's also friends with the local undertaker - who's lost 24 coffins and wants Stephanie to find them. What's so special about 24 plain pine boxes (ones that no-one in the Burg would be seen dead in). And why are people being killed with military issue ammo? Before you know it Stephanies having her home broken into and having embalmed body parts turn up all over the place.

Unfortunately Kenny takes a rather unpleasant shine to Grandma Mazur - who is crazy, by the way. Anyone who can quote Dirty Harry while sitting in a morgue drawer waving a gun around is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. I'd also be rather nervous if she showed up to a viewing in a funeral parlour - the woman is a walking disaster area.

I did smile at the image of Morelli standing in the middle of the road wearing nothing but his socks and a denim shirt (they have to get it on, please someone tell me they do), Stephanie was right to dump him like that, though. She can't trust him, the cop in him just won't let her in.

While these books don't set my world on fire, I do want to know what happens next. Even if it's just to see what happens to Rex the hamster next.