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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake If only this book was as good as the cover....

I'll admit it, I'll hold my hands up. I bought this book because of the cover - it is beautiful. The synopsis sounded promising and then I started reading it and what happened? I've got "Carry on Wayward Son" stuck in my head, because I'd rather be watching "Supernatural".

Cas is a 17 year old ghosthunter, he kills ghosts with a knife he inherited from his Dad (who was killed by a ghost he was trying to put to rest). He travels all over with his Mum (a witch, who can work pretty much anywhere) and Cat (who can sense ghosts) killing ghosts.

It's all a bit Buffy the Ghost Slayer, a bit twee.

They move to Thunder Bay because Cas wants to kill a local ghost called Anna Dressed In Blood (because she is dressed in blood), who appears to have dismembered a large amount of the local population.

The most popular girl in school takes a liking to him, which upsets her ex-boyfriend. The local geek (who can read minds and is also a wizard/witch whatever) wants to be his friend and help him kill ghosts.

At the centre of it all you have Anna, who really wasn't that scary, even less so when you realised that Cas and Anna had fallen in love and there was no way it could end well. Yes, it was sad to know how Anna had actually died and yes, her actions to save Cas did tug a few heartstrings, but by the end of it I was just glad it was a quick read and I didn't have to burn too many braincells.

Will I read the next one? If only to find out how they get Anna back - and to look at another very pretty cover.

Now, where did I put my Supernatural DVD's?.........