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J.D. Robb
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Ceremony in Death - J.D. Robb Witches, hmmm, not sure about this one. But as long as Roarke is there I can get through it. And I did.

So, a cop friend of Feeny and Dallas dies in natural circumstances. Feeny especially is close to the family. At the wake Dallas is approached by the cops grandaughter Alice. She's convinced that he was killed by witches, because Alice has got herself into a really dark place, going from Wiccans to Satanists and back and she believes that she's next.

Of course she is - no-one can save her.

The thing is that back at cop central there's a belief that her grand-dad was a dirty cop (because of his own investigation into the situation that Alice had gotten herself into, which involved a very nasty piece of work that had previously dealt with illegals).

The thing I like about these books is the fact that everything is tied up in 300 pages. No messing around, they keep moving. There were some very nice touches in this one, especially when Feeny realised that Dallas was investigating his friend and tore her a new one. Her reaction and subsequently Roarke's (and by extention Feeny's) was nicely done.

Jamie was an interesting character and I hope we see more of him in later books, especially given his gift with electronics (Roarke could certainly put him to work).