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Desire Unchained - Larissa Ione It's been a long time since I read the first book in the series and I wasn't in any hurry to come back and carry on with it, but I need to get this book read and out of the house!

Shade is demon that needs sex several times a say - fast approaching his transition to fully mature seminus demon, if he isn't bonded he stands an excellent chance of going mental after the change. But Shade can't bond, he can't risk falling in love, as he's been cursed. If he falls in love he'll fade away and become eternally tormented by his need.

Runa was a one time girlfriend of Shade, who walked in on him when he had "company" a couple of vamps keeping him warm. In her hurry to get away from Shade she was attacked by a werewolf and now she wants nothing more to beat the shit out of Shade and her sire.

So it's not a good day when they wake up and find themselves chained up together in a cell and it's an even worse day for Shade when he realises the brother he thought was dead - Roag, isn't and is seriously pissed that his brothers tried to kill him (or more specifically one of his brothers, good one Wraith). Roag of course knows about Shade's curse, so he thinks the way to punish Shade is to bond him to Runa.

Shade has healing powers, but he can also heal the darkness inside women (by chaining them up in his playroom and beating it out of them, in a dominant way - so of course they want him to), of course Runa has darkness in her..... and Shade doesn't want to hurt her.

This was better than the first book, I liked Shade, even though he completely wimped out. I'm not in any hurry to get my hands on the next book, but I'm sure I'll read it at some point.