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J.D. Robb
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Deadly Decisions
Kathy Reichs
Player One: What Is to Become of Us - Douglas Coupland 5 hours with Karen, Rick, Luke, Rachel and Player One.

Karen, a lonely, divorced mother of a 15 year old goth who has travelled by plane to meet a guy from the internet in an Airport Hotel Cocktail lounge.

Rick, a lonely divorced recovering alcoholic, working as a bartender in the cocktail lounge.

Luke, a lonely former pastor, who's run away with the churches renovation fund.

Rachel, an 18 year old breeder of white lab mice, who can't recognise faces, metaphors or understand art or music. She's on a mission to find a man to father her child. So she can prove to her father that she's not an alien.

Player One - the narrator of the story - Rachel's on-line avatar.

While in the Cocktail lounge they become aware that the price of sweet crude oil has skyrocketed, a series of explosions then take place which cause a chemical fallout. The power cuts out and a sniper starts picking people off.

This book is really a look at our perception of time, of ourselves as individuals and what it is to believe in something, be it God, or your ability to find your place in humanity - to find your story. It's also about loneliness, and what you're willing to do to make a connection with another human being.

I felt that parts of it did link up with Girlfriend in a Coma, especially when Betis the sniper was talking about spreading the word (how you should write something of meaning on everything, even trash to show people the way - otherwise your life is a waste).

This was an incredibly quick read, as it was originally devised as a series of 5 one hour lectures. Most things were tied up at the end - although I would have liked to know what happened to Max (whether his father and sister were ok).