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J.D. Robb
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Vengeance in Death - J.D. Robb A killer with strong religious belief. Who believes in "an eye for an eye" and leaves a statue of the virgin mary at every scene.

This is a killer who wants Eve Dallas to play a game with him, as he gives her a riddle that gives her a chance to find the location of each victim, so she might be able to save them.

Why is the killer so stuck on Eve? Why is he setting Summerset up as the killer?

It all links back to Roarke of course, and Summersets daughter - Marlena.

This book was a wonderful chance to find out more about Roarke and his past with Summerset. How Eve was allowed to carry on in charge of the investigation when Summerset became prime suspect I still don't quite know. And it was also good to see Roarke loose his temper (when Eve locked him out of her office). Also when he realised that Eve had planted a story so the killer would go after her and not him.

His reaction to Eves injury after her car was blown up was so touching (waking her up every few hours and asking how many fingers he was holding up).
Their trip back to Ireland was a chance to see Roarke back in his home town and showed just how far he has come from the "street rat" he used to be.

The range of characters is slowly expanding with the introduction of Ian McNab, from the EDD. But Roarke remains the reason why I keep reading these books.

The next one is set at Christmas - so it would be rude not to read it before the end of the year, wouldn't it!!!