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Level 26: Dark Origins - Anthony E. Zuiker;Duane Swierczynski A digi-novel? Cyber-bridges? It's a bloody novel for goods sake, do you know how much of a ruddy faff it is to stop every 20 pages or so and watch a little bit of film (not very well acted - lets be honest - with the exception of Michael Ironside, who is awesome). I just want to read a bloody book.

But being OCD, of course I stopped every 20 pages or so to watch a little bit of film (which was explained in the next chapter in any case).

So, what do we have? A washed up ex FBI agent (Steve Dark), who lost his entire family to the serial killer that he couldn't catch. His washed up ex boss, sent to encourage his former employee to come back and try and catch said killer (if he doesn't then the Secretary of Defence will make sure they both don't see the weekend). A seriously messed up latex clad bendy serial killer (whom I will name Squeegie, because his real name is stupid), who can plant cameras anywhere he bloody well pleases and kills whoever he likes, however he likes, even though he moves with the speed of a snail. A washed up ex FBI agents pregnant wife. It won't end well will it?

So Squeegie has been killing people for 3 decades and the only person that has come remotely close to catching him is Steve Dark. Squeegie seems obessed with Dark (hmmmm, I wonder why) and with his wife - he knows her a little bit too well (although she doesn't remember it). He's been classified as a Level 26 on the scale of evil - the worst there's ever been - this is a guy who thinks its great to kill horses for crying out loud.

This read like a really bad CSI episode (in fact the episode that featured this killer was SOOOOOOOOOO much better than this book). It was cheesy, badly acted. I did get a little bit emotional watching cyber-bridge 19 - but I think that was just relief that it was nearly over.

I have got the next book in the trilogy and I will read it, just to see if gets any better - because it can't really get much worse.