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A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens Read this for Bookclub and I have to say that this was a sweet little read. I'm sure that I did read this when I was younger, but there's something about re-reading a book when you're older - you see so much more.

This is a story that is almost impossible to escape, as at this time of year it's pretty much everywhere. But going back to the original source material you see a story that is very different to the one that is reflected back in the media.

From the very first ghost Scrooge is already beginning to regret his behaviour to those around him, it's a gentle change, not the short sharp shock of seeing his own grave that causes his to realise he has to change.

Of the 3 ghosts the final one was the most distubing to me. The fact that he refused to (or simply could not) talk to Scrooge was very unsettling, superbly done.

I wanted to understand more about Scrooge though, why his father had sent him away to school, what had made him so angry, how the love of money had stripped away the things he cared about.

I can understand why people read this book every Christmas, it does warm the heart and make you hope that world can be a better place if we cared a bit more about each other, instead of ourselves.