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Vampire Shift  (Kiera Hudson, #1) - Tim O'Rourke I needed something quick for a reading challenge and this was certainly quick. Mainly because the writing was very thin. I can suspend my belief - this is a vampire story afterall - but to have a character and story take place in the space of 3 days (during which she is nearly killed on at least 4 occassions and falls hoplessly in love)? I don't think so.

My other main problem are the mystical beings that form the centre of the story - they look like people, but have wings and can fly and then hide their wings when they're not using them - no, they're not angels - they have fangs. Guess what guys???? Vampire Bats. Meh.

Vampire Bats that live in caverns under the earth, they can live overground, but when the need for blood gets too much, they go back underground until the feeling wears off. If they do drink human blood they get addicted and the humans they drink die and of course come back as vampires.

The heroine of the story gets sent to The Ragged Cove (yes, that really is the name of the village she's sent to), a place with no mobile phone reception - or any working phones. She's a rookie police officer and village is plagued by disappearances and grave robbing.

To start with it reminded me a lot of Hot Fuzz, except it wasn't funny.

I'd rather watch Hot Fuzz any day of the week than read anymore of this series.