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Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1) - E.L. James World-wide bestseller - really?? With this subject matter? Really?? Wow, Twilight really has changed the world hasn't it?

What originally began life as Twilight Fanfict has taken over the world, and I must admit, going into it knowing what it was it was hard not to roll my eyes at the direct comparisons between the two.

Christian Grey, cold, aloof, stalker extrordinarie, rich and completely obessed with - Anastasia Steele, clumsy, smart, never been kissed, completely smitten with Christian, worshipped by - Jose whose like a younger brother to her and makes a very ill advised pass at her.

There were times when I just shook my head - for example when Christian saves Ana's life by pulling her out of the way of a speeding cyclist (doesn't quite have the poetry of almost being crushed by a mini-van). Then there were the very poorly disguised quotes from Twilight (about Christians mood swings - Ana being stubborn, wanting to know what she was thinking etc).

So why the high score? Because I knew what it was when I started reading it and to be honest the main thing that was missing from Twilight for me was some hot sex - and this has that in spades (although it was a bit tame in mechanical in places). Christian fascinates me, I want to know what's built that wall up inside him - why can he only be truely happy when inflicting punishment - where has that come from?

Ana I could do without - it's Christian I want to know about. I understand why Ana did what she did - the problem is that I don't think Christian's going to let her go that easily - he is a scary stalker afterall.......