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Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning Better than the first book, but sometimes Mac's internal dialogue got a little bit too wordy for me.

So this book picks up shortly after the first, with Mac recovering from her injuries. The policeman looking at her sisters death mysteriously dies and a fellow officer (his brother-in-law) starts watching her. The brother of the gangster she killed drops in as well, as does her father. She also appears to have her own personal grim reaper following her where-ever she goes.

Barrons returns to his inscrutable self, with his non-answers and complete determination that Mac will live at any cost. But what is it that he wants from her? Is she just an OOP detector, or something more to him.

And what of Malluce? The vampire that she stabbed with the spear? Is he really dead?

Mac finds out a little bit more about the Sidhe Seers, a group that appear determined to kill fae, even if it means sacrificing humans. It's hard to know who's really on her side or out to further their own plans.

Then theres V'lane. The fae death-by-sex prince who seems determined to get into Macs good books (and her knickers). But inadvertently takes her away from Barrons for a month (6 hours in Faery = 1 month in the real world). Barrons doesn't react to this well - trashing the bookstore. On her return Dublin seems to be overun with Unseelie all of a sudden.

The core of the story revolves around an amulet that amplifies a humans will and the lengths that people will go to to get hold of it.

So again, there's a lot happening, i'm more inclined to carry on with the series after reading this one. Perhaps I won't leave the next one so long.