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Touch the Dark - Karen Chance Cassie Palmer is a clairvoyant - on the run from the vampire that raised her after her parents died in an accident. Well, it wasn't an accident - he had them killed and when Cassie realised that she decided to bring him down. She managed to wreck his business dealings, but now he wants her dead. After 3 years of running it looks like he's tracked her down - when she finds her obituary on her computer screen at work.

I really enjoyed this book, it had a really neat twist on how vamps can feed (they don't need to break the skin or even touch you). The idea as well that someone can travel backwards in time to a point they specifically want, that was pretty cool as well.

There was a lot of information to take in, we had Vamps, Weres, Fae, Mages, Ghosts, Humans. I liked how prominent figures were included in the world (such as Cleopatra being in charge of the Vampire Senate, Jack the Ripper being their chief torturer, Rasputin the big baddie).

Cassie mainly relies on the Ghost that is linked to the necklace she wears, to get information for her and help her out of tricky situations (of which there are many). It seems like everyone has decided her future for her already, can she make her own decisions.

It seems that Cassie is destined to be come the most powerful oracle in the world, but no-one wants or knows the rules around how it should happen. Some people think she has to be a virgin to come into the power, others say she has to be experienced - not exactly the most romantic way to loose something like that. Especially when the most likely candidate to achieve the necessary is a vampire you've known (and had a crush on) since you were a small girl - "Uncle Mircea", older brother of Dracula. Does he really want her, or is he only looking at the end game?

Looking forward to the next one.