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Winnie The Pooh - A.A. Milne Read for Bookclub, because there's never enough time to read at Christmas, so this was chosen for this months meeting.

It's strange coming back to read such things as an adult. You look at things in a very different way.

Of course you have the charm of Pooh hunting Woozles, not realising that it's actually his own and Piglets footprints that he's following (until Christopher Robin points it out). Trying to catch a Hefalump with a very deep pit and a jar of Honey - until Pooh got hungry and managed to get his head stuck in said jar. Or Pooh getting stuck in the doorway of Rabbits hole.

All very innocent - until you come to the story of Kanga and realise that Rabbit has a very nasty side. Suddenly Kanga and Roo appear in the forest and Rabbits not happy (this is a local forest for local animals - there's nothing for you here!). So what does Rabbit suggest doing - abducting Roo and replacing him with piglet - so Kanga will leave the forest. Rabbit - you have issues my friend. What was more worrying was the fact that Kanga didn't realise the switch had been made until she got home. What did she do when she realised her child was missing? Decided to go medieval on Piglets a**. A cold bath and a dose of medicine. But Kanga stayed put and made friends (Pooh), so did Roo (Rabbit).

Then you look a little bit closer at the characters and see:

Pooh - Had more brains than everyone thought he had.
Piglet - Scaredy Cat - unless Christopher Robin was with him
Owl - Insufferable know-it-all
Rabbit - Mental Issues
Eeyore - Desperately in need of prozac (or a bitchslap)
Kanga - Single mother on the edge
Roo - Attention seeking
Christopher Robin - In love with a bear (I don't even want to go there)

Quite good fun really!