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Conspiracy in Death - J.D. Robb This one was rather emotional. It seemed so straightforward - with a simple case of a street person that appears to have had their heart surgically removed. The complication? A cop with a very bad attitude and possible homicidal inclinations. A woman that has a very strong dislike of Eve, because she's jealous and resentful her.

Several new characters joined Eve's ranks - Officer Troy Trueheart for example and a doctor Eve might actually like - Louise Dimatto.

Further cases are identified and it becomes clear that there could be a massive organ donation ring in operation, including doctors, police and policitians.

But it's Officer Ellen Bowers that causes the biggest problem, after filing several complaints against Eve, she ends up dead and Eve is top suspect. I had to struggle not to cry when Eve was suspended and had to turn in her badge - the desolation was heartbreaking. Roarke was as always awesome, whether he was punching cops or just trying to keep Eve together. His anger and determination that this wouldn't break Eve was staggering.

I love his innocent determination to do normal things - in the previous book it was his insistence in decorating the house for Christmas - right down to stringing the lights in tree - this time it was making a snowman in the middle of a blizzard (with impressive tits of course). I also loved that his computer talks to him in Eve's "post-sex voice". The man is completely smitten. And I'm smitten with him.