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Humble Pie - GORDON RAMSAY I can't cook, anything that I do cook is done in the oven, very occassionaly I make a cake. I know my limits, if a recipe involves a food processor - forget it. It's taken me years to realise that my cakes are so moist because I haven't whipped my eggs for long enough (didn't know they were supposed to be all fluffy, mine were normally a lot of liquid with a few bubbles in). But I have immense respect for anyone that can cook and can't help myself when it comes to cookbooks - it always looks so easy.

Gordon Ramsey is a favourite of mine - on the TV in any case - yes, to begin with he was surly and rude, but over the years he's mellowed. I like a bad boy. And this book gives an indication of how much of a bad boy he's been and explains where his attitude has come from.

His upbringing wasn't easy (did Dad was a git, driving his older sister out of the house and generally being abusive), they didn't have much money and after Gordon's dream of professional football came to an end he went into cooking and that was that. Working his way through different kitchens, always learning, taking demotions to join new kitchens, just to learn. Spending time in Paris, to learn. Putting up with awful conditions, and by this I don't mean the kitchens were dirty, but the attitude of the chefs around him. Having Marco Pierre White throw a saucepan of boiling sauce at his head for example and knowing that you couldn't say anything back, because that just would have made him even angrier. The mindgames that were played.

Dealing with his junkie brother, time and time again - he is very honest about the situation.

This is a man that is so driven to suceed and wants others to suceed. He has such pride in the chefs that he's brought through, given them their own restaurants to run.

Very interesting.