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J.D. Robb
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Loyalty In Death - Nora Roberts (Writing as J. D. Robb) A man screwed to the wall (literally) by his jealous girlfried - who inherits millions from him. A man who runs a million dollar company with his brother (Bransons Toys and Tools). It's not an easy day for Eve. It gets even worse.

What starts as a plea from a informant to find out what happened to an old electronics whizz soon becomes a rollicking (did I really just use that word?) read involving a terrorist group - whose only aim is to destroy (and if they can get some money at the same time even better). Buildings are destroyed (all of them owned by Roarke) and many lives are lost.

It soon becomes clear that this group are linked to another who also wreaked havoc with a series of bombings 30 years previously. The leaders of that group were hunted down and killed (following a bombing at the pentagon) - or so it was thought. The leaders house was blown sky high along with his two children and a number of his followers.

The new group - under the name of Cassandra, seems to be following their pattern. Starting with an empty warehouse, they follow up with a bombing at the Plaza Hotel and Madison Square Gardens.

At the same time Peabody's brother comes for a visit - to build so cabinets for a wealthy couple (the other half of Bransons Toys and Tools), it won't end well!!!

This was such a good book - not just for the sight of Peabody and McNab getting it on in a lift - or the thought of Feeny and Eve catching them all over each other.

It's still Roarke that keeps bringing me back, his love and absolute determination that he will keep Eve safe at any cost. Their determination to keep each other safe. Damn, the man is covered in awesomesauce.