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The Strain  - Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan It started off so promisingy. A plane arrving in Manhattan, which shortly after landing looses contact with everyone. When the plane is entered everyone appears to be dead. But 4 survivors are later found. What killed all those people - are they actually dead?

Then the survivors start to experience terrible physical pain, a thirst unlike any they have ever known and some of them react to it in different ways (one of them actually chaining themselves in a shed in order to spare his family).

But without anyone realising it, a virus is spreads through the city, with a shadowy figure behind it all - one that has a human backer and a desire to create chaos. Only one old man understands what is happening and he's come across this figure before.

So, why the low score? My main problem with this book is that I like my vampires to BITE. The whole business with the stinger - gross. The white blood I could have dealt with - but blood worms? I found that all rather hard to stomach. Also - we have the classic jaded hero - Eph, a doctor with the CDC, a divorced recovering alcoholic with a young son (of course you knew that the ex-wife would end up as a vamp and come back after her son).

I will continue with the trilogy - mainly because I've already got the rest of the books.