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7th Heaven: (Women's Murder Club 7) - James Patterson Another very quick read - perfect for lunchtime reading at work (if it isn't too gruesome). There's something missing from these books, some disconnect. Lindsay wears on me, great at her job, but completely terrible in her personal relationships. She's got a great guy in love with her but she can't commit to him.

So instead of depth we get multiple story threads. Cases of arson that include the deaths of wealthy couples, the disappearance and possible murder of an ex-governors son (who has a heart condition) and the crazy writer of true-crime books.

The arson storyline had promise, but then went silly at the end, I didn't understand what had driven them to do what they did (maybe that was the point).

This was a way to pass some time - these books are a great way to switch your brain off, you don't have to think too hard about them, but because of that you probably miss things. I can't say I'm that bothered though.