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Lover Reborn: Black Dagger Brotherhood series: Book 10 - J.R. Ward So, Lover Reborn (or "How I learned to stop worrying and move on with my life"), finally Tohrment comes to his senses, while in the process doing serious damage to No'one. This isn't the happiest book in the series (but then again, none of them have been a bowl of cherries). But it still had some great moments that made me grin like a mad woman.

This book goes back to what made the early books so great - it was about the relationships. The lessers really don't feature all that much (which I know will make some fans of the series very happy).

The story mainly concerns itself with Tohr, No'One and Lassiter. But there's also more drama for Xhex and John Matthew as well as Qhuinn and Layla. The Band of Bastards also feature heavily - in fact they've taken on the mantle of main bad guys - due to Xcor's drive to eliminate Wrath and become King.

But anyway I'm juming ahead. A Brother with a deathwish is not a good thing and it takes quite a bit to get Tohr to realise that what he's doing to himself is leaving Wellsie stuck between the Fade and Dhund - he needs to move on and let go of his mate and No'One seems to be the way to do it. In no way is it fair of Tohr to do that to her, knowing her past and how she was treated. The way that he treats her to begin with is just so wrong, but she accepts it, because she'll do anything to help him. He's the only male that she trusts and in some ways he takes advantage of that.

I loved the fact that No'One/Autumn was able to build a relationship with Xhex, they really do need each other in their lives.

The situation with Layla and Qhuinn? I've read several reviews where people believe Layla to be manipulative. I could't see that, I could only see two people who believe that they have nothing and wanted something of their own, some sort of family. Layla is over her obsession with Qhuinn, she quite clearly said that they are not in love with each other (in any case she's clearly got the hots for Xcor now - that can't end well can it, well it won't if Torh gets his hands on him).

My heart broke for Qhuinn when he told Blay he loved him - but he didn't realise it was aimed at him, things are set up so nicely for the next book.

As always the best lines were reserved for Hollywood (I personally would love to see his dance moves, maybe next time).