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Deal Breaker - Harlan Coben Basketball star, turned FBI Agent, turned Lawyer, turned Sports Agent. Myron Bolitar is a man of many faces.

After a terrible injury put an end to his basketball career before it started he tried different things. Now a small time sports agent, he's looking for the next big thing that will make his name. He finds it in rookie quarterback, Christian Steele. Christian is this years big signing, but there's a shadow over him. His fiancee disappered 18 months earlier, all of sudden she gets in touch. Myron feels duty bound to be help Christian find out what happened to Kathy, this of course has nothing to do with the fact that Kathy's sister used to be Myron's girlfriend, or the fact that her father died a few days earlier in a botched robbery.

This was a really good read, I liked Myron's sense of humour, although once or twice I wished he would give it a rest. No-one likes a person that has a witty comeback for EVERYTHING. Jessica, the ex-girlfriend - I don't really understand why they broke up originally, it wasn't explained and it annoyed me (I like to know all the variables people).

The main reason this only gets 3/5 is Win. Myron's best friend is a pyscho - just one step away from serial killer and I was seriously uneasy whenever he showed up. He seems to have this need to protect Myron - again I don't understand what hold they have over each other. This is a seriously rich man who likes to cause pain and death to others (not that they don't deserve it), but is so unemotional, it's creepy. The sort of man who could have bodies buried in his basement, if he had one.

But now I've started, I'm kind of intrigued (this has nothing to do with the fact that I have the first 6 books in the series on my book shelves thanks to one of my sisters), I want to see what happens next.