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Untamed  - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast I first tried to read this book 4 years ago and got very irritated with it. So I put it down, walked away, read lots of the other things.

Now I've come back. Did the break help? Yes, I think it did. The main reason I stopped reading the books before was because of the central character. Zoey still irritates the hell out of me. But the story has now gotten interesting.

The first 4 books of the series have taken place over the space of a couple of months and I struggle with that. To have so much crammed in over a few months. This book seems to span just a few days and in that short timescale Zoey gets her friends back, deals with ex-boyfriend trauma, another fledgeling death, meets nuns, nearly looses her Grandma and is instrumental in unwittingly unleashing an ancient evil.

Oh, and Aphrodite gets a cat.

I've come to realise that I don't read these books for Zoey (I mean she grieves over the loss of a boy she knew for about a hour for crying out loud). I read these books for the minor characters - like Stevie Ray, Aphrodite (who's journey through these books is becoming fascinating) and Erick.

When it comes to Zoey and Neferet (or Queen Tsi-Pepsi or whatever the hell she's calling herself now), I say just lock 'em in a room and let 'em slug it out. Or Zoey could grow a pair and get on with it.