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A Study in Scarlet -  Arthur Conan Doyle The birth of a legend - the creation that stands over the crime genre, that has entered the public conciousness. The basis of numerous films, books and TV shows.

When you go back to the book that started it all, it makes you realise how little you actually know Sherlock.

This is a young man completely encased in his own world. Driven by a need to understand the crimes, to solve the crimes that no-one else can - all the while knowing that he'll never receive the acknowledgement of his achievements.

A brilliant mind, furnished only with the knowledge that he needs for his work. What he doesn't need to know, doesn't interest him. It's the puzzle that drives him.

Dr Watson at first sceptical of Holmes's ability soon becomes a "true believer".

The deaths of 2 men provide the first opportunity for Sherlock to flex his powers of deductive reasoning. Of course the police detectives think they have solved the mystery, but it's really Sherlock that has the measure of the situation.

Before the mystery is fully explained Sir Arthur takes a small detour into the history of the murderer (and the Mormons), by the end of which you're actually sorry that the two victims weren't made to suffer more!!!

This was a very clever book, made all the more fascinating through the fact that it's under 120 pages long. Proof once again that you don't have to write 500 pages to make your point!

I need more Sherlock!