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Level 26 Book 2. - Duane Swierczynski,  Anthony E. Zuiker Much better than the first book, but the cyber-bridges really annoyed me, especially the fact that the final one finished before the book did.

The second book of the trilogy is set 5 years after the reign of Squeeqie was brutally ended by Steve Dark and an axe. In those five years Dark has tracked many killers for Special Circs, his daughter being raised by Sibbys parents. But even he has a limit and for the second time he quits, buys a nice house owned by a serial killer which has a hidden basement (where he can keep all his serial killer books etc).

He's tempted out of retirement by the sister of a serial killer victim, she offers him unlimited resources to track down the worst of the worst, with no comeback.

This just to happens to coincide with a very nasty string of murders. Ones that is seems Steve Dark maybe behind (or so Riggins seems to think).

Instead of the man in body condom, this time we have murders based on Tarot Cards. I was incredibly disappointed when Dark realised the locations of the murders were based on the position of the Tarot Cards in a Celtic Cross formation on a map of the US (it's been done before, yes I rolled my eyes). The murders come thick and fast (with a body count of over 17) and some of them seem to have very little reasoning behind them. I was left with a few questions at the end - like who was supposed to have been used to demonstrate "The Fool" and what the hell is Greysmith really up to?

The cyber-bridges annoyed me somewhat - detailing a Tarot Reading that is done for Dark by Madame Hilda, at a certain point the readings are explained before the cyber-bridge they refer to and they're more a counselling session as Dark looks back the events that have shaped his life. Such as his time in an orphanage, the deaths of his foster family, when he went postal on Squeegie etc.

I am intrigued as to where the story can go from here and to find out if Dark will give in to his DNA and also find out that Squeegie was his brother.....