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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks There's very little chance I will watch this movie (even if Brad Pitt is in it), I don't like what they've done to the story (making it all about his character and also speeding up the zombies). But when I saw this was cheap on Kindle I picked up a copy.

I've said it before that I don't do Zombies and I still don't. But I don't really look on this book as a Zombie book. This is more about the people who fought, how countries responded to the outbreaks, how the world nearly crumbled at the feet of Zack. Yes there is the occasional glimpse of biting, or creatures with eyes hanging out, shuffling along with arms outstretched moaning, forever reaching for the one thing they will never stop wanting.

The fear of some of survivors was palpable - but unfortunately they all spoke with the same voice. And I guess that's my biggest problem with this book. The thing with an "oral history" is you don't get any of that person's individual behaviours, so everyone sounds the same. Even the language they used was all the same (these were people supposedly from all over the world - the only one that sounded a bit different was the Australian astronaut who had been stranded in space). They all blended together.

This may sound strange as well, but there weren't enough Zombies in it for me (this from someone who really doesn't like them). I didn't get the sense of scale, there was only one mention of a horde and I think that was from one of the sequences in India. The passages that dealt with the oceans and boats were very interesting - also the idea of having to police the ice to deal with zombies as they thawed out as well.

The lessons that the army learned were also well put together - realising how to clear tower blocks by standing on a nearby roof so they would fall like lemmings trying to reach them.

I was disturbed by the feral children, the woman with the mind of a 4 year old who described hiding in the church and was almost strangled by her mother (because she wanted to save her from being reanimated), until another mother saved her and told her to run.

It also annoyed me that it was never explained what happened to North Korea - how can an entire population disappear?