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Reflected in You - Sylvia Day I love him, I love him, I love him. Gideon Cross is THE MAN. Seriously. I feel like a lovesick teenager. I barely remember who Christian Grey is. Gideon doesn't need any toys, he just needs Eva.

Sometimes I get a song stuck in my head when I read a book, this time it was a song by Mumford & Sons, just keep hearing the chorus in my head "I will wait, I will wait for you".

Gideon doesn't make the right choices sometimes, but he genuinely thinks he's doing the right thing. We got the see the strength of his love and jealousy where Eva's concerned, in two very frightening instances. Firstly when Eva comes across an ex-boyfriend unexpectedly (is it wrong to say I found it a bit of turn-on for two guys to be beating the crap out of each other - the same feeling I had watching parts of Star Trek Into Darkness). Secondly with the demise of Nathan. Gideon must have guessed what Nathan had planned (after what happened to Cary) and needed Eva to have plausible deniability. But to do that he had to cut her off - leaving her completely distraught. I must have killed him to be so cold towards her.

You knew that everytime he saw her or talked to her he was having to restrain himself.

We did get to learn more about his childhood trauma, but I get the feeling there's a whole lot more to that story (please, please let him work his way through the sleep issues he has, it would kill me if I couldn't sleep in the same bed as the man I loved).

It was so good to see him spend some time with his sister. I really like Ireland, she's a sweet girl who seems in complete awe of her older brother.

I love these books and want to get straight into the next one! I'll even forgive the Twilight quotes ("Your mood swings are kind of giving me whiplash"), and extreme cheese, because Gideon makes it all worthwhile.