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8th Confession: (Women's Murder Club 8) - James Patterson Famous people killed by Snakes? Really? These books just got on-board the crazy train.

So, on one hand we have Cindy getting obsessed with the murder of a homeless man. On the other we have Yuki dealing with a possible patricide trial. If that wasn't enough you have Lindsay and Conklin investigating the suspicious deaths of several famous people. In the midst of it all you have "Pet Girl".

I could deal with that craziness, but then throw in Yuki getting hit by a car and falling for the doctor that gave her a buzz cut. Then have that same doctor admitting to being raised as a girl (because they weren't sure what he was when he was born), but having his "boy parts" rebuilt in his late 20's. Add to that Lindsay and Conklin grappling some more and then Conklin jumping into bed with Cindy - THAT MAKES NO SENSE, WTF???

This book seemed like a mishmash - so many different things going in so many different directions that nothing seemed to make sense. Is this the point where this series "jumps the shark"? Because it really felt like they threw any half baked idea into this one.

I'm not convinced that Lindsay actually wants to marry Joe, Conklin took himself off the table when he got together with Cindy - there's still a lot that unsolved, but I don't get the feeling that it ever will be and I'm not sure that I even care anymore.

I've got the next two to read and after that it might be time to give up....they have to get better.