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Run For Your Life - James Patterson Not bad, although it went a little overboard at the end.

A series of random shootings, that happen in a very short timeframe. Using different guns, by men dressed differently. Could it be the same man?

Michael Bennett heads up the investigation, while contending with a flu outbreak at home which manages to take down all 10 children and Grandpa - who seems more interested in finding out who's robbing the poor box in church (once he does find out who does it though the storyline is never resolved).

The main storyline concerning "The Teacher", a man who wants to teach people to have more respect for others is interesting. This is a man with an agenda and a list of people he wants to deal with.

But there's something missing from this story, something that was there in the first book and I just can't put my finger on what the problem is. I felt disconnected from the story, not enough was explained about The Teacher, about his background.

Bennett seems to spend the entire book looking after his kids and running around after the mad-man that's on the loose. He gets help from a female FBI agent who could be a possible love interest in the future - if the nanny doesn't her hands on him first.

But it lost me at the end when Bennett had a vision of his dead wife while facing his own possible death. Too cheesy, way too cheesy for me. I had high hopes for this series after the first book now I'm worried it will go the same way at the Womens Murder Club. Lets see what happens with book 3.