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Beneath This Man (This Man, #2) - Jodi Ellen Malpas The more I read, the more I love Jesse Ward. Yes, he's completely controlling, unreasonable with a violent temper - but he loves Ava with every fibre of his being. The problem is that he doesn't believe Ava feels the same. And he thinks everyone wants to take her away from him.

The start of this book ripped my heart in two. To see Jesse so destroyed by Ava leaving him (I couldn't count the number of empty bottles they found - if he was in a coma, then why didn't they get him to the hospital?? Why just leave Ava to deal with him? I know that was all he wanted, but damn, after everything that was thrown at her at the end of book one, you could forgive her for running in the other direction.

However, in this book, the shit gets even weirder.....

There's handcuffs, there a session on a rowing machine and an anniversary party for the Manor, during which Jesse gives her a tour of the infamous Communal Room.....

Why he took her up there, I'm still not completely sure, but I really felt for Ava hearing other women talk about Jesses sexual prowess (stuck in a toilet cubicle), but I thought she dealt with it well - after the predictable meltdown.

Jesse learnt that he has to talk to Ava. And Ava spent most of the book terrified that she'd do something to make Jesse pick up a bottle again - but the worst part didn't involve drink, it involved a whip.

That was my WTF moment. WTF was he thinking? But I did give Ava a mental high five for her treatment of Sarah, that witch deserved a slap down.

Once again the sex was curiously clinical, the writing was slightly lacking and in some places actually made me cringe ("don't do things like that when I'm in no position to violate you" - romantic it ain't).

But again, I'm not reading these books for the sex - I'm reading them for Jesse and something tells me he's still got some surprises up his sleeve.