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The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ - Philip Pullman I've never thought of myself as particularly religious. My father's side of the family are Catholic and I was christened Catholic but as I say religion has never really played a huge part in my life.

This book was chosen as a bookclub read earlier in the year - someone thought it would be a good idea to read it over Easter. I started it and immediately put it down again - I didn't go back to bookclub.

Even though this is a very short book - just under 250 pages, I couldn't read it for very long before having to put it down. The author's contempt for organised religion is very clear.

My main problem with the book is the whole concept that Mary gave birth to twins, Jesus and Christ (don't even get me started on Joseph's reaction to being told to marry the much younger Mary). Jesus came over as completely uncaring about his family and Christ did his best to blend into the background after a childhood of tidying up after Jesus.

Christ is continually visited by an Angel (?) and told to record everything that Jesus does so it can be used as the basis of a Church (Christ's idea).

The only part that touched me at all was Jesus raging at God in the garden of Gethesmane for being completely absent and questioning whether he believes in him at all.

The book finishes with Christ considering adding to his writings to further enhance the myth of Jesus - adding lies to his histories (this is after he impersonated Jesus to bring about the resurrection).

I didn't look on Christ as a scoundrel, he was trapped into every decision he made by someone with a much bigger gameplan.

I know everyone's entitled to their opinion, but this book made me realise that I'm actually a lot more religious than I previously thought.