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Judgement in Death (In Death #11) - J.D. Robb These books never fail to please. This time around we have an undercover cop who ends up dead in a club owned by Roarke. Yes, we have a cop killer on the loose and before the book is done the body count rises.

This is especially tricky for Eve and Roarke, as it appears things are linked to an ex-business associate of Roarkes, back in the day when his business wasn't strictly legal and the guy still holds a grudge. Eve wants to protect Roarke, but still do her job and Roarke wants to keep her away from the psycho nutjob. It won't end well will it - it never does.

Well, after a little bit of sulking (and Roarke "getting his dick in a twist"), they do both come around proving once again that together they are stronger and can deal with just about anything.

It still amazes me that these two have only been married for about a year, so much has happened in such a short space of time. They're still learning so much about each other and remain completely committed.

But in the end the bad guys go to jail and Roarke proved what a scary SOB he really is. Eve would do well to never forget that....