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Entombed (Alexandra Cooper Series)

Entombed  - Linda Fairstein The storyline for this Alex Cooper story was better than most of the previous books so far. It was mainly concerned with Edgar Allen Poe and a killer who likes to take a leaf out of Poes stories and poems.

Although there are essentially 2 threads running alongside each other. On one hand you have the re-emergence of the Silk Stocking Rapist (I don't believe he's ever been mentioned before - but had not been heard of for about 5 years). This storyline was to conveniently handled, one minute they have no leads - the next they're chasing through airports to find him.

The main story line concerns the discovery of a body bricked into the basement walls of a house that Poe once lived in, it's been there for about 25 years, but soon more bodies start to pile up.

I would have rated this higher had it not been for Coopers handling of Chapman towards the end of the book. Chapman suffers a huge personal loss part of the way though the book. Understandably he withdraws from Cooper and Mercer while he deals with his grief. Coopers response to this is to pester him with phone calls and paging his beeper. Which is why I can understand that the last thing Chapman says to her is "I barely have the strength to get myself through the night, I can't help you this time Coop. I just can't do it". She's so godamn selfish - can't she just left the man grieve???

I'm seriously loosing the will to continue with these books....