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Rockers and Rollers

Rockers And Rollers: An Automotive Autobiography - Brian      Johnson If you're hoping for an in depth autobiography of the AC/DC front man, then keep walking, because this book is exactly what the title indicates.

This is an autobiography of automobiles, ones that Johnson has owned, driven, raced, loved, or known in some way (with a couple of airplanes and a flight simulator thrown in). These thread together a series of anecdotes. Will you learn anything life altering? No. Will you enjoy it - if you're a petrol head then hell yes.

Now, I like cars, I'm not a petrolhead, but I liked this book. Johnson's infectious enthusiasm was great. His sense of humour may not be to everyones taste, as it is rather rude in places, but he loves what he does and he has a real love of cars which comes through in his writing. Any book that has a chapter entitled "Car Porn", just pictures of cars, well you get the point.

What did I learn?

English tour buses are not safe places to be - when your band member rolls out of the top bunk landing on an air conditioning grating (not waking up) and your response is to be so concerned you fall asleep (said band member then asks you next morning if you punched him because of his bruises), I start wondering what the hell were you taking??

Or the story of the "Anal Intruder" - I now want to know how thick welders gloves are and how long it took to remove the second lobster claw.

It's never a good idea to pee on Sputnik - no matter how many Russians have come to your show.

Never smoke in a brand new porsche.

This book did bring out some unexpected emotions though. In a couple of places stories were told of people who just enjoyed being in a car so much, of taking a certain journey that they wanted to re-live that experience before dying - I had a tear in my eye a couple of times.

I love AC/DC and I have to say I liked this book (even though he bounced around a lot), it was a really quick read (finished it in under half a day) and it was extremely cheap on my kindle. All in all I'd say - nice job Mr Johnson, nice job.