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Run For Home

Run For Home - Sheila Quigley Not bad for the first one in the series. There were several different story threads and I did get a little bit confused at times as there are lots of characters to keep track of.

The story revolves around the Lumsden family, Vanessa (an alcoholic) and her six kids, Robbie being the eldest followed by Kerry - who's an excellent runner, Darren, Claire, Suzy and Emma. Robbie's never been able to hold down a job and he basically keeps the family going by the careful use of the local shoplifters.

Robbie's dad disappeared when he was very little, and Robbie is plagued by knightmares of someone pointing a gun at his head.

The problems begin when Claire goes missing and a headless body (one of six) is found which has been buried for 16 years, Vanessa's reaction to the body is full blown panic attack, as she knows who the body belongs to - the past is resurfacing.

What happens to Claire is very disturbing, but strangely gripping - as you hope she can find a way out of her terrible situation.

In the midst of all this you have the police, Lorraine Hunt is in charge for the search for Claire while also trying to get to the bottom of the headless bodies. She's also looking for her husband who's MIA (the scene in the gay-bar was fantastic).

This book is set in the north of England so the dialogue could be tricky for some, I liked it and have already ordered the next in the series.